Friday, February 11, 2011

Welcome Papertrey INKers

The first couple of weeks will be organizational for us as a blog group. From who I've chatted with so far this is new for us all. So there will be some trial and errors. But in the end we are after having a fun place to share, motivate and be inspired. The look of the blog will also go through a lot of changes as I figure out what all Blogger will allow me to do. So as you see things that you like or dislike, please leave comments. I am looking for this to be a group effort and to delegate so it's not on one person.

Linda has taken on the responsibility of the first months Challenge. We had discussed trying to expand on the Make it Mondays Challenge to encourage each of us to enter and win the PTI challenges. So I personally like it when a challenge narrows my options and makes me play with something new or explore something old, or play with a color I don't normally go to. What are your thoughts?

I think the idea so far is to do a challenge once a month, we can change this to every other week if we start feeling there is a need. So if everyone would like to sign up for a month that would be great. Just leave a comment on this post and first person to claim a month gets it. I'll take what ever is leftover.

I will be starting another page within the Blog for us to do more of this type of "chat" and we can leave the front page open for challenge talk.



  1. Mel..this is so exciting! I would like the claim October for my month..lots of B-days and such for me that month. I noticed on the side board you and Linda have your blogs listed. I am assuming you will add our individual blogs? Thanks for stepping forward and starting this blog!

  2. I was just doing that Margaret ;) If anyone does not see their blog listed please let me know. I count that we have eight members and there are a couple missing off the sidebar. Also note that they are in order of recently updated blogs. I liked this so we could always know who has something new to look at.

  3. Mel great job on the blog! It looks great! I will take Aug sounds far away but I am sure it will come up fast! Love the ideas everyone has! This is going to be a blast!

  4. Awesome job on the blog. Thanks for getting this started, Mel. I'll take the month of July. I work part time in the summer, so more time to play:)

  5. Thanks Mel this looks great. I would like to take June.